Notice to our valued GeoFUSE Users: Search on GeoEye-1 images is no longer supported by GeoFUSE. Please use DigitalGlobe ImageFinder to search GeoEye-1 images (

See What’s New with GeoFUSE!

DigitalGlobe has been working hard to develop and implement features for which our user community has been requesting.

DigitalGlobe has improved the image catalog search experience by enabling users to further refine their search results set by the following means:

  • Specifying additional search attributes for Line Rate (applicable for GeoEye-1 Imagery Only)
  • Specifying additional attributes, such as stereo imagery, elevation angle and sensor mode
  • My Results – pick and choose the desired images and change sort order as desired
  • My Results – Permalink functionality recently added (maximum of 30 images)
  • Data Downloads – users can now choose to download a subset of the search results

Also new in this version of GeoFUSE:

  • Improved HTML Search Results Report to include an Esri® Basemap (Provided by ArcGIS® Online) that allows for dynamic panning and zooming

DigitalGlobe, in conjunction with Esri® has developed a GeoFUSE Toolbar for ArcMap™10. Since this toolbar is an Esri® Add-In and not an installation package, a user is not required to have administrative privileges in order to install it. GeoFUSE Toolbar for ArcMap™

For our user community that still prefers to use Esri® ArcGIS 9.2 with Service Pack 6 through 9.3.1 with service pack 1, we still support these versions with the toolbar installation package with which our users have become familiar. GeoFUSE Toolbar for ArcMap™.