Notice to our valued GeoFUSE Users: Search on GeoEye-1 images is no longer supported by GeoFUSE. Please use DigitalGlobe ImageFinder to search GeoEye-1 images (

GeoFUSE Search & Discovery Platform

DigitalGlobe's Imagery Sources collect vast amounts of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery from around the globe each day. This imagery is processed and used in a multitude of applications such as mapping, disaster response, infrastructure management, and environmental monitoring. With DigitalGlobe's suite of Search & Discovery tools, our customers can browse the DigitalGlobe image catalog archives, quickly and easily locate and preview imagery. Using the information obtained from our insightful search and discovery tools, our customers can easily communicate the required information necessary to place orders for imagery products that meet specific project needs.

Online Maps

With a simple, easy-to-use interface, DigitalGlobe’s Online Maps allows customers to search and identify imagery available from our extensive web-enabled archives. Built on the familiar and ubiquitous Google Maps™ API and Esri®ArcGIS™ Server technologies, Online Maps makes it easy to zoom to a place on the globe and locate available DigitalGlobe imagery.

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Advanced Search Options 

This form-based search engine is designed for users who wish to specify exact search criteria to search DigitalGlobe’s web-enabled catalogs. Areas of Interest (AOIs) can be defined from existing files (e.g., Esri® Shapefile or Google Earth KML) or via user-specified coordinates and metadata preferences can be specified; search results are presented in industry standard formats and can be explored via Google Earth™, Esri®ArcMap™, or GeoFUSE Online Maps applications.

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Toolbar for ArcMap

In an effort to further the capabilities of GeoFUSE for our advanced GIS Users, DigitalGlobe, in cooperation with Esri®, has developed a toolbar extension for use within ArcMap™. The toolbar allows ArcMap™ users to quickly and easily search the extensive DigitalGlobe imagery archive from within the ArcMap™ application. Please refer to the What’s New to review newly released enhancements.

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Google Earth™ Integration Tools

For our customers who are Google Earth™ Users, our Google Earth™ Integration Tools are the perfect solution for quickly locating DigitalGlobe imagery products within Google Earth™ application. We also maintain a gallery of KML/KMZ files built from DigitalGlobe full-resolution imagery. KML/KMZ Files are available for download and are freely distributable.

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Online Resource Center 

For advanced users that prefer industry-standard GIS tools, our customers will find additional published resources at the GeoFUSE Online Resource Center. The Resource Center provides direct access to regularly-updated e-catalog data sets for ArcMap™, ArcExplorer™ and other desktop GIS platforms. Simply select the file that contains the desired content and download it to your environment for offline manipulation. Additional resources for Developers are also available.

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Help & Documentation

DigitalGlobe is confident that our customers will find our Search & Discovery Platform insightful, intuitive, and well-suited for anyone ranging from users new to the geospatial industry to the most advanced GIS user; however, if assistance is required, GeoFUSE Help and Documentation provides full access to helpful information, documentation, as well as links to off-site information, assisting our customers to make the most of their Search & Discovery experience.

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