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GeoFUSE Toolbar for ArcMap™

The GeoFUSE Toolbar Add-In for ArcMap™ 10 is Now Available!   

In an effort to further the capabilities of the GeoFUSE Search & Discovery Platform for our advanced GIS Users, DigitalGlobe, in cooperation with Esri®, has developed a toolbar extension for use within ArcMap™ versions 9.2 Service Pack 6 through 9.3.1 Service Pack 1 and just recently, a GeoFUSE toolbar AddIn for ArcMap™ 10. The GeoFUSE toolbar allows ArcMap™ users to quickly and easily search the extensive DigitalGlobe imagery archive from within the ArcMap™ Desktop application.

The latest release of the GeoFUSE toolbar for ArcMap™ 9.x and the GeoFUSE toolbar add-in for ArcMap™ 10 support the creation of AOIs and the execution of archive queries based on multi-part polygons whether they contain a single feature or multiple features. Also supported is the ability to perform an archive query based on a unique image ordering identifier and collection vehicle by using the "Find" Tool. Search preferences have also been expanded to include the ability to narrow your search results by elevation angle and stereo imagery attributes.

IMPORTANT: Please read the system requirements prior to downloading and installing this application.   

System Requirements

Please visit our GeoFUSE Toolbar for ArcMap™ Help page for additional information.

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